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Administrative and Clerical Support

DRA understands the essential nature of providing managers and staff with qualified and customer-service oriented administrative and clerical support. We have provided administrative and clerical support to Federal agencies since 1988, and have an excellent track record of providing outstanding support in the office environment. We consider all of our administrative and clerical staff members as professionals. They are recruited to meet your specific needs, including software and office skills in open, sensitive, or highly classified areas.

Meetings and Conferences

DRA staff members schedule and coordinate meetings and use procedures that alleviate the time wasting and tedious frustrations of phone tag and emailing to coordinate and schedule meetings. Our staff keeps cognizant of existing appointments to facilitate optimum time slots to bring together a number of time challenged staff and managers. Our support in this area is a big timesaver for those scheduling conferences and meetings. Our staff also attends meetings for the purpose of taking and disseminating a record of meeting discussions and issues.

Records and File Management
The DRA staff maintains office filing systems and sets up record and filing systems that allow clients to retrieve records and documents quickly without the frustration of endless searching. They ensure that active files are not comingled with permanent files that are seldom used. The active files contain only those records and documents referred to on a regular basis to retrieve information necessary for ongoing office operations. When records management direction and guidance exists, we conform to those requirements. When none exists, we are prepared to develop draft guidance and procedures, and to develop draft records disposition schedules to ensure files are archived or destroyed in accordance with National Archives and agency direction and guidance. Our filing philosophy is based on ease of retrieval.


DRA staff members compose letters and memoranda and prepare other documents. They are skilled at imparting specific information geared to the recipient or desired audience. We write material designed to persuade others to take action, to solicit ideas, or to promote office policy. DRA attempts to know the audience and to structure information in a way that optimizes the message and makes salient points quickly and clearly. Through knowledge of organization mission and functions, we assess what information a recipient requires and elicit, in turn, the information the client requires. We ensure that our correspondence conveys a courteous, positive tone and that the contents meet the recipient's requirements. We review, finalize and check correspondence, records, reports, and forms for accuracy, completeness, and conformance to applicable rules and regulations.

Domestic and International Travel

DRA has extensive experience managing domestic and international travel requirements for Federal managers and staff. DRA travel specialists provide information on air, or rail schedules and fares and ensure tickets, rental car reservations, and itineraries correspond with travel authorized. We plan itineraries and arrange for commercial, government-owned, or contracted travel. We ensure the lowest contract fare is obtained or exceptions are authorized. We also determine, verify and explain entitlements related to house hunting trips, temporary quarters, administrative leave, transportation of dependents, reimbursement of expenses, car rentals, baggage allowances, stops en-route, emergency travel, etc. When appropriate, we obtain country clearances for sensitive and security classified travel.

DRA staff members greet visitors, answer phone calls, and maintain calendars using Microsoft Outlook to include details of meetings, scheduling appointments, receiving visitors, screening calls, distributing mail, and arranging travel. They ensure that all critical information that may impact upon an organization's decision making processes is reported to management in a timely manner. We also record, review, and track time and attendance data using established systems or develop systems for special situations such as telecommuting. We perform special assignments as required. We track action items keeping the staff aware of due dates and additional requirements or modifications. We understand the importance of providing qualified and highly skilled administrative professionals that take initiative and responsibility, that go out of their way to provide assistance, and that maintain a courteous and professional attitude.


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