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Human Resources and EEO Support

DRA provides comprehensive HR and EEO support for our Federal government clients on an ad-hoc and continuing contracts basis.

Position Classification
We have significant capabilities in job analysis and classification under the General Schedule and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). We have assisted agencies converting to and back from the National Security Personnel System (NSPS). Job analysis and position classification constitute the base upon which all other HR activities are built. For example, the duties of a position must be defined and classified before a vacancy can be announced and an employee hired. Similarly, the duties must be defined prior to setting performance standards. DRA staff members write position descriptions, prepare evaluation statements, including those for adjudicating Agency level formal classification appeals, study FLSA and organizational work distribution to address issues addressed by unions, and advise personnel office staff by developing or documenting an official determination as to title, series, and grade. In these cases, the DRA staff usually performs desk audits of incumbents and supervisors in person or by telephone to assure that all pertinent information is considered.

Performance Management and Awards
DRA develops, implements, and maintains agency performance management and awards systems. We perform job analyses to determine duties critical to mission accomplishment and amenable to measurement. We recommend those levels of accomplishment identifying top performers and those necessary for adequate job performance and normal advancement. We undertake surveys or reviews to assess the effectiveness of current systems and develop new systems to address problem areas or facilitate employee and management interaction. We also advise managers on the development or revision of performance plans and individual development plans.

Recruiting and Staffing
DRA provides recruiting and staffing support. After developing and classifying a position description DRA assists staffing specialists by developing crediting or rating plans and vacancy announcements reflecting appropriate qualification requirements. Our specialists determine and initiate the appropriate recruitment process, oversee the acceptance of applications and make the initial qualification determinations. They assign ratings to the qualified candidates and prepare certificates of eligible applicants. DRA also establishes and conducts rating panels of subject matter experts to assist in evaluating qualified candidates. We also assist with Delegated Examining Unit (DEU) operations and functions assuring that staffing actions are conducted in compliance with the relevant federal laws and regulations and in accordance with the OPM operations manual for DEU activity. DRA assists clients by processing all types of personnel actions and ensures that the requesting party has authority to initiate action. We track the SF-52 from initiation to completion and assure that the information appropriate for the requested action is obtained and that all required blocks are filled in. When an employee is resigning or retiring we ensure the reason is noted with as much detail as necessary to make clear the basis for the request. The DRA staff also assists with new employee orientation.

EEO Support    
Federal agencies are responsible for ensuring that discrimination complaints are processed fairly, promptly, thoroughly, and in strict compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) regulations. DRA supports Federal clients by performing a range of functions that include:

  • Conducting investigations and writing draft and final reports of investigation
  • Writing Final Agency Decisions
  • Conducting informal counseling interviews
  • Attempting resolution through mediation
  • Preparing written reports
  • Inputting complaints into the appropriate database
  • Processing and reviewing formal discrimination complaints for acceptance and dismissal
  • Preparing written correspondence, policy letters, reply letters to Complainants; Representatives, Attorneys, and other customers
  • Reviewing and redacting Reports of Investigations (ROI)
  • Preparing and reviewing settlement agreements
  • Developing compliance requirements for settlement agreements and findings of discrimination
  • Conducting EEO related training
  • Performing a broad range of EEO specialist and technical duties such as the coordination, preparation and processing of EEO complaints
  • Developing and securing approval for standard operating procedures

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