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Intelligence and Counter intelligence

DRA is providing support to Federal government clients in a broad range of activities related to intelligence and counterintelligence in the following areas:

Intelligence/Counterintelligence Research and Analysis
We support research of strategic, operational, and tactical issues in intelligence and counterterrorism in order to develop tools for allocation of counterterrorism assets and to explore sophisticated data analysis techniques to identify infrastructure vulnerabilities. We specialize in assessments of the mechanics of terrorism and security assurance.

Nuclear, Chemical, Radiological and Biological Threat Analysis
We provide nuclear analysis and information development and dissemination to counter loss of weapons grade material from foreign sites, during transport and at US ports. We also assess and coordinate intelligence related to threats of nuclear attack and provide tailored assessments to response capable organizations and policymakers to support a range of prevention, preparedness and response activities. We focus on foreign nuclear dangers such as international smuggling and develop baseline information on smuggling modalities, field identification of components of a nuclear device and differentiating radiological sources from nuclear devices. Our assessment capabilities also extend to chemical and biological warfare and point threat vulnerabilities.

Other Support
DRA also provides program support for intelligence related budget, security, information systems, mail, correspondence, and other administrative areas. Our intelligence and counterintelligence staff is highly qualified.

Federal Times has rated DRA eighth in U.S. intelligence services providers to the Federal government.

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