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Mail, Property & Logistics

Mail Management Support

DRA performs all major mail and express services, including establishing, optimizing, and operating mail facilities. Working in both classified and unclassified environments, we receive, inspect, screen, sort, and deliver incoming USPS mail and commercial express items. We process, control, safeguard, and track incoming and outgoing accountable mail and property (e.g. Federal Express, Registered, Certified, and overnight mail) and we inspect, prepare and package outgoing mail and commercial express. Our staff is also experienced in sorting, distributing, and delivering inter-office mail; managing lists, directories, and address data; performing CASS certifications; and performing requirements analyses and product evaluation. Their experience also includes integrating new technology solutions to increase operational efficiency. We transport mail and parcels between offices and facilities; send and receive items via the State Department Pouch System; and dispatch mail overseas while handling related customs requirements.

Correspondence Support
 Since 1988 DRA has provided support for executive correspondence tracking, control, processing, editing, filing, retrieval, and quality control. We establish, optimize, and operate correspondence centers to ensure Federal government executive correspondence is treated with the respect it demands. Our staff members quickly process each incoming letter and assign it to an action office, with a deadline for the response; review, edit and format responses; obtain appropriate signatures; and ensure the response is delivered. We also track correspondence and responses and provide reports to the customer to minimize the possibility of missing or dropped communications. We ensure that timely corrective action is taken when appropriate. We develop and maintain scanning and tracking systems and electronic or hard copy files for quick retrieval of current or past correspondence packages.

Courier Service
DRA is accustomed to meeting stringent delivery/pickup schedules utilizing multiple vehicles. We are able to accommodate both regularly schedule routes and individual, or ad hoc, requests. We execute transportation and travel schedules, and appreciate the need for strong communications and flexibility to update specifics with little or no notice. We emphasize safety, and our drivers are expected to practice defensive driving at all times.

Transportation Services
When driving client employees or guests, whether one individual or a group, DRA drivers are trained to focus on the following factors:

  1. Safety.  DRA always put safety first.  This includes making sure that the vehicle is checked and operating safely, and drivers adhere to the traffic laws and practice defensive driving methods.   This also includes obeying the speed limit and practicing defensive driving techniques. 
  2. Timeliness.  DRA takes schedules and promptness very seriously.  DRA drivers contact schedulers and/or supervisors whenever a schedule is impacted significantly by traffic conditions.  DRA drivers also carry GPS units if appropriate, and utilized alternate routes when applicable.
  3. Professionalism.  DRA trains each driver on courtesy, etiquette, and proper attire. The DRA drivers will be sufficiently briefed as to the names and positions of their passengers.  We ensure that drivers are reliable, discrete, meticulous and trustworthy.  We also emphasize the need to maintain confidentiality – what is said in the vehicle stays in the vehicle.

Copy Management Services
DRA will balance, prioritize, and track a large number of copy and production jobs simultaneously. We schedule each job and match it to the appropriate staff, equipment, and materials. Based on their past experience, our supervisors ensure that targets are met and workloads are balanced. We will deal effectively with challenges posed by situations such as unanticipated staff leave, equipment breakages, and potential supply shortages. During the operations we will evaluate and offer suggestions for improving the system. DRA is also accustomed to handling expedited jobs.

Manage Supplies
DRA assists with receiving, inspecting, accepting (or recommending for acceptance), stocking, storage, distribution, and reorder of office supplies. We continuously monitor inventory levels and alert the client at the reorder points. We may also evaluate supply alternatives, research the market, and provide recommendations as appropriate. We track usage, create a history, and project future needs based on the collected history and create reorder points. We understand the importance of reducing waste and economizing all resources. Our team tracks usage of supplies, identifies any problems or concerns, and works toward solutions. We also assist with reviewing and reconciling Government Purchase Card (GPC) statements, and resolving discrepancies and timing differences.

Property Support
DRA property support services include receiving, inspecting, screening (e.g., x-ray, radiation detection), and processing property; sorting, tracking, and transferring or delivering property; storing, tracking, and retrieving property on a short-term basis; and accounting for property items.


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